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This February I discovered the dream vacation for myself, Field Trip. It's a 5-day workshop for photographers in California with around 500 participants at El Capitan Canyon near Santa Barbara. There are classes, photo walks, demonstrations, discussions and  panels happening thro
In January, I traveled to Costa Rica to photograph my first wedding of 2015. Me and Dan decided to spend a few extra days there to travel and explore. We took several local buses (usually not more than $2) traveling around and stopping at small towns and villages along the way. T
For my latest Vintage Beauty project shoot, I was in for a treat. Leah contacted me with some photos of her grandmother's vintage nightgown. Leah shared some family history behind this beautiful lacy piece. "The robe was purchased in 1947. My grandmother bought it sp
Back in October, I photographed Lisa wearing her mother's wedding dress. I was so excited when she contacted me and mentioned that she had her mother's wedding dress and it was "very early 80s!" It was the first wedding dress I got to shoot for this project. Here are a few
Back in December, we went on a fun winter adventure in the Poconos area in PA. Our friends Taskia and Jau, me, Dan and Ernie made a great team. We had tons of fun! It was an unusually warm weekend for December, so we enjoyed hiking, building a snowman, throwing snow balls at Erni
I was really excited when Kate responded to my search for women who wanted to be photographed in their mothers' dresses. She literally said, "I'm wearing that dress right now!" Here is what Kate told me about the dress. "The dress was my Mom's. she sewed it for hersel
My good friend and fellow photographer/studio mate Brae Howard has this dress that looks like a wedding gown but is actually her grandmother's high school graduation gown. She even has a photo of her grandmother, Elise Ruth Pastrana, wearing it for her graduation cerem
Me, Dan and Ernie went on an amazing mini-vacation in Catskills at the end of March. We found a sweet cabin in the mountains on It felt so great to be in the woods for a bit, away from all the noise and distractions of the city. To make it better, we didn't have Inter
♥ ♥ ♥ It's Valentine's Day! Which is a great excuse for baking something delicious for someone you love in my world. I've been looking for a new recipe to try out and came across this Cranberry, Caramel and Almond Tart on Smitten Kitchen. I was really excited about a) cranberr
It feels great to post some personal photos as my first blog entry of 2013. Back in November, I took a short but fantastic trip to Upstate New York with three lovely and adventurous ladies, who also happen to be amazing photographers. Brae, Katch, Claire and me drove to Woodstock