Vintage Beauty :: Part Five :: Lisa

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Back in October, I photographed Lisa wearing her mother’s wedding dress. I was so excited when she contacted me and mentioned that she had her mother’s wedding dress and it was “very early 80s!” It was the first wedding dress I got to shoot for this project. Here are a few details about the dress from Lisa:

“My mom got married on September 18, 1982, at Maple Grove Mennonite Church in Belleville, Pennsylvania. She was 20 and my dad was 23. She bought the dress at a shop in State College that isn’t there anymore. When I was little and I would look at my parents’ wedding photos, I always thought my mom looked like Princess Diana.”

Photographing a daughter wearing her mother’s wedding dress 31 years after was very special. It made me think about the link between the generations, about the past and how things change.

Below are two photos of Lisa’s mom wearing the dress on her wedding day.