Bartram’s Gardens wedding :: Amy and Mike

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Venue: Bartram’s Garden
Dress: Custom design by Misdress on Etsy
Shoes: Bus Stop Boutique, Queen Village
Flowers and bride’s flower crown: Love ‘n Fresh Flowers
Hair and makeup: bridesmaids Lindsey Cooke and Erin Holly Davies
Jewelry: Amy’s grandmother’s.
Table arrangements and décor: bride’s mother, Wynne Jaffe
Cake: Nook Bakery and Coffee Bar
Catering: Day By Day Catering
DJ: DJ Torre Ruggieri

Amy and Mike had a lovely intimate wedding at Bartram’s Garden in West Philadelphia with an outdoor ceremony and a reception under a tent. I loved that they chose so many local vendors, some of them literally a few blocks from their house in Queen Village in Philly! It was very special to see family members and friends create meaningful details for the wedding that made it truly unique. Among other details I loved about Amy and Mike’s wedding was Amy’s beautiful flower crown made by Love ‘n Fresh Flowers and making their well-behaved dog, Dennis, the ring bearer!

A few words from the bride, Amy, describing how they envisioned their wedding day:
“Our wedding reflected many things, but especially our love for Philly, food, family and nature. We wanted this to be a relaxed, intimate wedding with a welcoming atmosphere, so we kept it under 100 guests in the historic Bartram’s Garden. We incorporated a lot of little details to reflect our personalities and interests, like herbs in all our florals to reflect our honeymoon in Provence, France. When we entered into the reception after saying our vows, we went right into our first dance, which was an upbeat song. We had DJ Torre ask everyone to join us on the dance floor during the last minute. That helped to get the party started. After that everyone got comfortable at long tables under the bistro lighting to enjoy freshly grilled pork, tuna and vegetables served family style by Day by Day catering.

We really wanted to support our city with our wedding choices, so we sourced the venue and many items & services locally. The food especially, were all Philadelphia favorites, right down to the beer (Philadelphia Brewing Co.) The cookies, my shoes & bridal belt were purchased right on my street in Queen Village. But we couldn’t have pulled this wedding off without the many talents of our friends and family. All of them donated their time, support and skills to help create a magical day. Everything came together so well in the end, despite an unforeseen bike accident 3 weeks prior to the wedding day, thanks to everyone’s love and support. The day ended up being a huge celebration of love and fun, which was just the way we envisioned it.”