Bahdeebahdu wedding :: Molly and Ian :: by Jau

Molly and Ian had an intimate wedding at a unique venue in Fishtown, Bahdeebahdu. They went around Fishtown for portraits with some of the murals they love, like the Kurt Vile mural. Molly wore a bridal top by Naveda Couture and skirt combo and Ian’s suit was from JCrew. Their invitations were designed by an awesome friend Maria Tina Beddia. Molly and Ian’s dinner was catered by Global Dish Caterers and their donut cake was by Federal Donuts. Their wedding was photographed by my associate Jau.

bahdeebahdu-wedding_001 bahdeebahdu-wedding_002 bahdeebahdu-wedding_003 bahdeebahdu-wedding_004 bahdeebahdu-wedding_005 bahdeebahdu-wedding_006 bahdeebahdu-wedding_007 bahdeebahdu-wedding_008 bahdeebahdu-wedding_009 bahdeebahdu-wedding_010 bahdeebahdu-wedding_011 bahdeebahdu-wedding_012 bahdeebahdu-wedding_013bahdeebahdu-wedding_014 bahdeebahdu-wedding_015bahdeebahdu-wedding_016 bahdeebahdu-wedding_017 bahdeebahdu-wedding_018 bahdeebahdu-wedding_019 bahdeebahdu-wedding_020 bahdeebahdu-wedding_021 bahdeebahdu-wedding_022 bahdeebahdu-wedding_023 bahdeebahdu-wedding_024 bahdeebahdu-wedding_025 bahdeebahdu-wedding_026 bahdeebahdu-wedding_027 bahdeebahdu-wedding_028 bahdeebahdu-wedding_029 bahdeebahdu-wedding_030 bahdeebahdu-wedding_031 bahdeebahdu-wedding_032 bahdeebahdu-wedding_033bahdeebahdu-wedding_035 bahdeebahdu-wedding_034