PAFA wedding :: Diana and Greg

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Venue: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Dress: Robert Bullock Bride
Hair: Kim at Aleksandra Ambrozy
Makeup: Robby Nelson
Flowers: Papertini
Cake: Caketeria
Paper products/invitations: Judy Paulen at Bloomingdales NY
Catering: Jimmy Duffy
Band/DJ:  Clark Eno Orchestra
Second photographer: Nadine Rovner

A few words from the bride and groom on how they envisioned their wedding:
“Greg and I are city lovers and architecture buffs, so after we got engaged, we knew we wanted to get married in Philly — not the suburbs, not the country, not a wedding destination. But so many weddings are held out of town for good reason — those gorgeous natural spaces are metaphors for the beauty of a new marriage. So, we sought to find something scenic within the city and PAFA was a perfect fit for this reason. It’s the oldest art museum in the country and designed by one of our favorite architects, the crazy genius Frank Furness. We felt that its dramatic decoration and unique art collection would be a great backdrop for the wedding and delight our guests.

The space itself is so full of detail that we wanted to keep most everything else simple, artful and classic. I found a dress that had a bit of that Greek goddess style to it, echoing the sculptures around the museum. I asked our florist to create centerpieces that would look like something you’d find in a still life painting, with colors similar to the coral, rust and gold found throughout PAFA. Even our first dance, “Our Love is Here to Stay,” was getting at the timelessness that we wanted for the wedding — and our marriage.

Throughout the wedding planning process, we tried avoid the vortex of micro-decisionmaking and turning the wedding into something bigger than life. In the end, it felt like a big dinner party with the people closest to us. We spent a lot of time on the dance floor and at while dancing at the end of the wedding, Greg said to me, “Can we do this again?”