MAAS Building wedding :: Kelly and Justin :: by Jessica

We’re so excited to share Kelly and Justin’s wedding photos at MAAS Building in Olde Kensington! Kelly looked amazing in her Jasmine gown from Lovely Bride in Old City. Morgan Fitzpatrick from Headhouse Salon did Kelly’s hair. Justin’s custom suit was from Commonwealth Proper. Kelly’s bouquet was by Kathleen from From Blossoms. Talia from Swig Events was their day-of coordinator. Stargazy catered the reception and Meg from Nutmeg Cake Design did a spectacular job with their cake! Kelly and Justin brought a lot of personal touches to their wedding. There was taxidermy, swords, feathers! Their wedding was photographed by Jessica.

Here are a few words from Kelly about their vision. “As far as the inspiration for our wedding, we really wanted it to reflect our interests and our home. We have been collecting antiques and taxidermy for over 6 years now so it felt only right to bring items from our own collection and have them be a part of our wedding day. That same idea played into the medieval touches we had. We have a collection of swords, other weapons and some pieces of armor. One of my favorite touches of our wedding was using pineapples as centerpieces on some of the tables. In the 18th century people would use pineapples as status symbols at parties they hosted! Loved that little touch.”

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