Mount Rocky Farm wedding :: Pia and Ryan

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Venue: Mount Rocky Farm, family farm in Oxford, PA
Dress: Bella Donna (Brisbane, Australia)
Hair and makeup: Jillian Grace Salon, West Grove, PA
Flowers: Jill’s Flowers and Frills
Cake: Pia’s 92 year-old Nana in Australia made their traditional wedding fruitcake. They carried it over as hand luggage!
Paper products/invitations: Paper n’ Peonies
Catering: Jimmy Duffy Caterers, Downington, PA
DJ: DJ DeeJay
Other details:  Carriage was Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration carriage and driven by local artist and dear family friend George “Frolic” Weymouth.
Second photographer: Neal Santos

When Pia and Ryan contacted me initially, they were living in Australia. It was really fun to have  a Skype conversation with someone 14 hours away! What they told me about their wedding plans sounded like my kind of thing to photograph: Pia’s parents’ family farm as their venue, an outdoor ceremony, a great DJ, lovely buffet-style dinner and lots of dancing. The atmosphere of their celebration was truly special. I loved seeing the horses, walking around the farm with Pia and Ryan to take their photos and beautifully decorated tent for the reception. And did I mention a live kangaroo?! I loved documenting Pia and Ryan’s lovely wedding day.

A few words from the bride and groom about how they envisioned their wedding:
“Since we are currently living in Brisbane, Australia, we were so excited for our wedding to not only get married but also see all of our family and friends. From start to finish we literally could not have asked for a better wedding weekend; the weather held out, the ground wasn’t too squishy (with a farm you have to think about that!), the dance floor was packed and the mood was like a giant hug. It was a weekend we will always think of and still find it hard to believe it was so awesome! Thank you to everyone who supported up planning a wedding from the other side of the planet!”