Adventures in Costa Rican Osa Peninsula

In January, I traveled to Costa Rica to photograph my first wedding of 2015. Me and Dan decided to spend a few extra days there to travel and explore. We took several local buses (usually not more than $2) traveling around and stopping at small towns and villages along the way. The only plan we made was to visit Osa Peninsula, a more wild and remote area that has a nature preserve, Corcovado. We found a small hostel called Bolita that we needed to hike through the rainforest for 30 minutes to get to! It only costs $12/person to stay there. We felt like we were at the edge of the world, everything was so untouched and wild. Plus no electricity at the hostel, so we woke up with the sun and went to bed soon after it got dark. I abandoned my phone for a few days, which was great. At the hostel, we met some interesting long-term travelers from Australia and Europe. One day we organized a little expedition to watch the sunrise from a lookout point. We had to wake up at 4am and carry breakfast supplies and coffee up there but it was totally worth it. The sunrise was truly impressive, especially with breakfast made over the fire and coffee with local rum. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and we definitely want to plan another adventure there. Bonus point for Dan is that he became friends with all the homeless dogs there and they followed him around everywhere we went!

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