Adventures in Upstate New York

It feels great to post some personal photos as my first blog entry of 2013. Back in November, I took a short but fantastic trip to Upstate New York with three lovely and adventurous ladies, who also happen to be amazing photographers. Brae, Katch, Claire and me drove to Woodstock, NY and explored the town for a bit before heading to our dream cabin. It was chilly but we walked around in beautiful light taking photos, posing for each other, laughing, rolling around in the leaves, finding random stuff and being silly. Me and Brae have been friends for a while but Katch and Claire are our new friends (found through Facebook and Instagram!), so it was great to get to know them better while doing what we all love doing the most. We took a zillion photos and it felt great that nobody was annoyed by having their photo taken!

As it got dark (and seriously very cold!), we headed back to our cabin. While Katch and Claire figured out the fire situation, me and Brae made a simple but delicious dinner, accompanied by whiskey with hot apple cider and ginger tea. We also spent some time by the fire (my favorite thing to do in the winter!) sipping on whiskey and talking.

Although we only went away for two days, this trip was super inspiring. I was very happy to have some fun around new people as well as quiet time to think, walk around and explore. Also, the amount of stars at night there is mind blowing and watching the sky at night was one of my favorite memories of our trip.

To be continued in 2013!

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