Couple portraits in Berlin, Germany :: Julia and Michael

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I met up with Julia and Michael in Friedrichshain, Berlin to do some portraits of them. They are two very special individuals that I’m truly happy I got to know a little bit. Julia is Lithuanian and we got to speak some Russian! She moved to Germany a few years ago for work and then she met Michael. He is a musician and a dj and electronic music is a huge part of their lives. Julia is a talented illustrator and painter. They moved to Berlin together and seem to fit very well with this unique international city. We went around their neighborhood, Friedrichshain, that has lots of character (graffiti, interesting buildings, street art). Then we found an amazing dandelion field in a nearby park and had some fun taking photos there. Julia is a sparkly lady with an amazing positive vibe and it was very easy photographing her and Michael because they are a very affectionate couple. We had lots of laughing, running around, piggyback rides and kissing. I am so happy I got to photograph these two fun individuals!