Crane Arts wedding :: Carolyn and Brian :: April 20, 2013

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Venue: The Icebox at Crane Arts, Philadelphia PA
Catering: Diverse Catering, Bensalem PA
Flowers: Love ‘n Fresh Flowers, Philadelphia PA
Cake + cupcakes: Whipped Bakeshop, Philadelphia PA
Gluten-free cupcakes: Philly Cupcake, Philadelphia PA
Wedding coordination: Natalie Diener, Philadelphia PA
Music: Sara Sherr, Philadelphia PA
Designer: Imin Yeh, Oakland CA
Rings: Bario Neal, Philadelphia PA
Carolyn’s Dress: BHLDN, Philadelphia PA
Hair and makeup: Matthew Sky
Brian’s Suit: Boyds Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA
Lighting: Ocean Tents & Party Rentals, Philadelphia PA
Transportation: Philadelphia Trolley Works, Philadelphia PA
Homebrew: Home Sweet Homebrew, Han Dynasty, Linvilla Orchards, Upton Tea
Second photographer: Brae Howard of Brae Howard Photography, Philadelphia PA

Photographing Carolyn and Brian’s wedding was unique and very fun! We started the day in their neighborhood – South Philly/Passyunk Square – walking around and taking photos in some cool East Passyunk Ave. spots (Passyunk Gardens, Capogiro gelato, B2 Coffee shop, some awesome murals, etc). I loved that our portrait session  location was meaningful for the couple. I also loved that Carolyn and Brian were relaxed and had a great stress-free attitude to their wedding celebration. After our portrait session we took a cab to Crane Arts where they had a very intimate and touching self-uniting ceremony. Another interesting detail is that Carolyn and Brian had two cocktail hours, one before the ceremony and one after. It was a great touch and their guests really liked it. This was followed by a great big party for friends and family with a photo booth, karaoke and lots of dancing. Their buffet-style dinner featured “a taste of the new South Philly,” and all of their vendors were based in Philadelphia. Congratulations Carolyn and Brian! Thanks for letting us capture your celebration.

Carolyn described their wedding plans and expectations below:
“Brian and I knew from the start that we wanted to throw an amazing party for all our friends and family — and get married during it! By thinking this way, we took a lot of pressure off ourselves, knowing that our big day didn’t have to follow the rules of what a wedding was supposed to look like. We didn’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen and we didn’t have a color scheme, but our 215 guests made the day bright, beautiful and full of color. Our self-uniting ceremony, buoyed by a few readings, stories and symbolic gestures from family members and close friends, was personal to us and included lots of laughs — weddings are joyous occasions, so we wanted everyone to get in on our bliss! We both felt strongly that our budget should support the local economy, so all of our vendors (save for the designer, one of my oldest friends and an incredibly talented artist who lives in California) were based in and around Philadelphia, from the florist who grows her own blooms to the DJ who moonlights as a Philly karaoke master. In the end, it was the perfect day because we got to hug our closest friends and family, eat our favorite foods, drink our favorite beer, hear — and sing — our favorite songs, dance the night away and, most importantly, celebrate love with people we love.”

– Carolyn Huckabay