Taskia and Jauhien aka friends in love!

I am very happy to finally share these photos! My two awesome friends are insanely in love and I think it shows. There were many reasons why our photo session was fantastic. First of all, photographing friends is always fun. Secondly, when two people are so genuinely in love, the way they look at each other, hold each other and laugh together is completely natural and not too much direction is needed. And that’s sweet! Thirdly, it helps when the couple you’re photographing look like these two. Seriously. Finally, for this special occasion I shot medium format film only. And that’s always a treat. It took 1 Mamiya afd, 2 rolls of Kodak Portra 400 color film, 1 roll of Ilford 3200 black and white, 2 crazy kids in love, 1 flask of whiskey, a few cigarettes and 1 happy photographer to do this. In the process we climbed some Center City roofs, walked on train tracks and found a secret spot on Schuylkill river. I want to repeat it already! Taskia, Jau, love you guys so much!